Our bresaola

Raw material

Our best meat, carefully chosen

One of the reasons for Panzeri Bresaola’s success lies in the selection of highest quality raw material.

Our meat comes from bred-in-the-wild animals aged between 18 months and 4 years in Southern America and Europe, and provides the proper consistency and low-fat content. This choice is due to the will of using the most refined bovine races for the products (Charolaise, Limousine, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Angus).

The suitable parts for our refined cold cut are selected from the posterior beef leg: the so-called Punta d’Anca (from the loin without the abductor muscle) and Magatello are certainly the rarest part. The Magatello provides smaller sizes suitable for a fast consumption.

Another important element for the final product’s quality is also the expertise of skilled operators who accomplish this stripping-the-flesh-off stage, in order to remove any surplus of fat and shape the pieces.


A careful processing

Salting in the Panzeri Bresaola production is of utmost importance, too.

In the past dry-salting consisted of a manual massage to the meat for softening it and facilitating a deeper penetration of a homemade mix of salt, spices and herbs. Such a process is provided by automatic churns in order to facilitate a homogeneous salt penetration into the tissues, ideal to obtain a delicate, soft and properly salted product.

The recipe for the salting process is the traditional one, requiring pepper, juniper and bay and follows the top secret formula giving Panzeri Bresaola its special shade in taste and aroma, which is the productor’s “footprint”.

A slow seasoning

The meat soaked in the salting “lies” for 10/15 days before moving to the eventual delicate seasoning stage. After being packed into natural wrappings, the meat is left to dry and season inside refrigeration rooms reproducing the actual and local weather conditions (temperature and humidity).

The drying lasts on average one week to favour a rapid dehydration of the meat during the first days of treatment. The actual seasoning stage is carried out between 12 and 18 °C to facilitate the natural processes of fermentation.

Overall, the product is mature after a period, ranging from 28 to 60 days according to its size.

After a careful cleaning and quality check, according to specific regulations, Panzeri Bresaola is eventually ready for the vacuum packaging (whole and slice bresaola) or for the tubs under a protective atmosphere ready for use.

A cutting-edge slising

The brand-new slicing and packaging plants of the Panzeri factory in Gordona (SO) are made up of isolated departments within the production site.

The risk of contamination is nearly reduced to zero thanks to the total control of air flows, pressurization, temperature and humidity, combined with an efficient filtration system. Such a control guarantees the highest quality standards and security levels.

The vast spaces are surrounded by large windows through which it is possible to observe this specific production phase. Finally, thanks to the packaging under protective atmosphere, all the organoleptic qualities of the product are preserved.


Nutritional qualities

Bresaola of Valtellina is, among the cold cuts, one of the best products to meet the nutritional needs of consumers, keen on wellness and health.

Since its origin in low-fat beef cuts, Bresaola has a low-fat content.

Thanks to its high-nutritional value and its digestibility, Bresaola of Valtellina is recommended by nutritionists especially for a sporty diet.


Panzeri’s factory has been caring on with the tradition of the Bresaola of Valtellina and of Valchiavenna for 70 years, keeping the pace with the best quality and food safety standards.

We are very proud of all the results obtained and keep on working on the quality of our Bresaola, aware of that it may always be improved, also thanks to the management system for quality certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

The quality policy is available upon request at Contacts.

For more information about Halal Italia certified products, please contact us in the “Contacts“.