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Salumificio Panzeri: quality since 1943.

Since 1943 the company has been carrying on the tradition of Bresaola of Valtellina and Valchiavenna, by specializing in the production of PGI Bresaola of Valtellina.

Panzeri has always provided high quality standards, by combining a deep knowledge of the ancient and handmade tradition – along generations – with a proper use of the modern food technology.

“We have always been focused on providing the highest quality in accordance with the environment. We have always been working to maintain a symbiotic link with Valtellina, our territory, together with its traditions. In the next years, we will be running innovative projects for renewing our company on different sides and expressing our evolution according to the tradition.”

Nicolò Panzeri

The Gordona facility: the evolution of a project

The second Panzeri’s factory (one of the most cutting-edge plants of the industry) is located in the green area of Gordona (SO), just a few kilometers far from the historical plant of Piuro (SO). The new plant was designed to innovate and develop the production lines for sliced Bresaola, priorly set in Piuro. For the new plant, a deep attention was paid to the energy efficiency, in order to reduce consumption and relevant carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere.